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Kalimeris indica


[Total number of keywords: 118]


Kalimeris indica (3), Plant and microbial biomass (3), Plant diversity (3), Planting types (3), Removal efficiency (3), Aster (2), Asteraceae (2), Chemical constituents (2), China (2), distribution pattern (2), groundwater attributes (2), groundwater-dependent vegetation (2), Hydrological regimes (2), Neolignan glycosides (2), Pittosporum glabratum Lindl. (2), Platelet-activating factor (PAF) (2), Post-dam riparian vegetation (2), Pre-dam riparian vegetation (2), quantitative classification (2), the extremely arid region (2), Three Gorges Reservoir (2), Water-level-fluctuation zone (2), Winter flooding (2), 6-C-p-methylbenzoylvitexin (1), Aboveground biomass (1), Alpinia officinarum (1), aneuploidy (1), Antagonist (1), Aster ageratoides (1), Aster indicus (1), Astercaceae (1), Brood site mimic (1), caffeoyl-feruloylquinic acids (1), caffeoylquinic acids (1), Capsella bursa-pastoris (1), chemical analysis (1), chlorogenic acid (1), chlorogenic acids (1), citrullus (1), Citrullus colocynthis (1), compensatory effects (1), Compositae (1), cucurbitacin (1), Diarylheptanoid (1), dicaffeoylquinic acids (1), diferuloylquinic acids (1), drought treatment (1), Ethnobotany (1), ethylene (1), feruloylquinic acids (1), Folium isatidis (1), food deception (1), food quality (1), fruit set (1), Glyceroglycolipid (1), green leafy vegetables (1), high polyploidy (1), High-speed counter-current chromatography (1), HPLC–MSn (1), hybridization (1), indigo (1), indirubin (1), inhibitors (1), Internet resource (1), In-vitro tests (1), isomers (1), Medicago polymorpha (1), Medicinal plants (1), Mt Hupinshan (1), natural population (1), Natural products (1), neopolyploid (1), olfactory cue (1), p-coumaroyl-caffeoylquinic acids (1), p-coumaroyl-feruloylquinic acids (1), p-coumaroylquinic acids (1), Phenolic derivative (1), plant community (1), Platelet activating factor (PAF) (1), Platelet activating factor receptor (PAFR) (1), Receptor binding inhibitor (1), Red-headed Yao people (1), regular pattern (1), resistance (1), shelf life (1), Signaling pathway (1), species richness (1), steride (1), visual cue (1), Yunnan (1)


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