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Kerstingiella geocarpa


[Total number of keywords: 91]


Macrotyloma geocarpum (3), (n. d.)No date (1), advanced applications - in legume molecular breeding (1), Agriculture (1), amino acid composition (1), animal models (1), arginine (1), Biodiversity (1), Biotechnology (1), blood lipids (1), Chemical composition (1), child nutrition (1), cholesteremic effect (1), CINECentre for Indigenous Peoples’ Nutrition and Environment (1), Collection data (1), Commonly consumed foods (1), Conservation (1), consumer demand (1), Country-specific (1), Cowpea cultivars (1), crude protein (1), Development (1), domestication (1), essential amino acids (1), Fabaceae (1), FAO/UNFood and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (1), FCDBFood Composition Data Base (1), FCTFood Composition Table (1), FGDFocus Group Discussion (1), field crops (1), flavouring herbs (1), Food composition database (1), Food consumption data (1), fruits and nuts (1), GARP (1), Genetic diversity (1), Ghana (1), Heat processing (1), high protein species (1), histidine (1), History of safe use (1), ICFInner City Fund (1), identifying candidate genes, using Serial Analysis of Gene Expression (SAGE) (1), IFDCInternational Food Data Conference (1), Integration (1), Isozyme polymorphism (1), Kerstingiella geocarpa (1), Lathyrus sativus (Grasspea), important pulse crop in South Asia and China (1), legumes (1), legumes, second largest family of higher plants - second to grasses in agricultural importance (1), LGALocal Government Area (1), lipid content (1), management and utilization of legume genetic resources (1), MDGMillennium Development Goal (1), molecular markers for genes - contributing to agronomic traits (1), NCDNon-communicable disease (1), NDHSNigeria Demographic and Health Survey (1), neolithic (1), Novel foods (1), NPCNational Population Commission (1), nutrient requirements (1), Nutritional properties (1), nutritive value (1), pastoralism (1), Phaseoleae (1), phenylalanine (1), Plant foods (1), plant-derived ingredients (1), Positive lists for food plants (1), Practical application (1), proximate composition (1), RAResearch Assistant (1), rats (1), Regional lists (1), seeds (1), Species distribution models (1), STEP-BScience Technology Education Post-Basic (1), SWOTStrengthsWeaknessesThreats and Opportunities (1), taxonomic distinctness and legume family - two model species, Medicago truncatula and Lotus japonicus (1), temperate legumes - inverted repeat-loss clade (IRLC) (1), Traditional foods (1), Traditional foods/recipes (1), trait-specific SNP markers (1), Underutilised plants (1), USDAUnited State Department of Agriculture (1), using genomics to exploit grain legume biodiversity in crop improvement (1), Vascular plants (1), Vigna subterranea (1), West Africa (1)


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