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Listing of Interesting Plants of the World:

Nuytsia floribunda


[Total number of keywords: 134]


Monitoring (3), Phreatophyte (3), plant anatomy (3), plant morphology (3), Western Australia (3), Climate change (2), Desert shrubs (2), Drawdown (2), Eucalypt forest (2), Fire frequency (2), Fire regime management (2), Groundwater management (2), Indian sandalwood (2), Landscape-scale (2), nuytsia floribunda (2), Prescribed burning (2), Rainfall pulse (2), Rainfall response (2), Santalaceae (2), Santalum album (2), Sap velocity (2), Threshold-delay model (2), Vegetation (2), Wildfire (2), 15N discrimination (1), 15N uptake (1), Acacia acuminata (1), Acanthagenys (1), adaptive management (1), arboreal (1), arthropod assemblage (1), Banksia (1), Bayesian relaxed molecular clock (1), Boreal forest (1), botany (1), box mistletoe (1), Crematogaster (1), deficiency characteristics (1), Dispersal (1), Distribution (1), ecohydrology (1), ecological resilience (1), ecological state (1), Ectomycorrhizal roots (1), Ectomycorrhizal sporocarps (1), endophyte (1), Eremolepidaceae (1), exophyte (1), frugivore (1), fruit (1), groundwater drawdown (1), haustoria (1), haustorial structure (1), haustorium (1), healthy characteristics (1), hemiparasite (1), holoparasite (1), honeyeater (1), host plant (1), host plants (1), host range (1), Intermediate host (1), leaves (1), Loranthaceae (1), Lycaenidae (1), Mark-recapture (1), Misodendraceae (1), mistletoe specialist (1), Myrmecophily (1), N2-fixing host (1), nutrient omission (1), parasitic plants (1), parasitism (1), Parentucellia viscosa, root hemiparasite, host range, growth benefit,15N and13C signatures, amino acid composition. (1), Phylogeny (1), Picea abies (1), Pinus sylvestris (1), plant ecology (1), plant physiology (1), Plant Science and Plant Products (1), plants (1), Population size (1), Pot study (1), re-colonisation (1), root conductivity (1), root hemiparasite (1), Root hemi-parasite (1), Root hemiparasite, Nuytsia floribunda, Loranthaceae, haustorial structure, host–parasite water relations (1), Root hemiparasite, Nuytsia, Loranthaceae, growth benefit, haustorial production, nitrogen transfer from hosts (1), roots (1), sandalwood kernels (1), sandalwood seedlings (1), Santalum acuminatum (1), seed dispersal (1), seed dispersal curve (1), seed shadow (1), shoots (1), transpiration (1), Tree root system (1), Vaccinium spp. (1), Viscaceae (1), Viscum album (1), water potential (1), water relations (1), xylem (1)


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